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Our other activities apart from surfing lessons

Surfskate / Street surfing

The advantage of practicing this sport is related to the development of the “core” and other physical qualities such as motor skills and coordination, fundamental aspects for the healthy and complete development of practitioners.

Surfskate/Skate classes, in addition to improving technical knowledge at all levels, also help to overcome fears of possible falls, as well as contributing to increasing the self-esteem of practitioners and reducing stress and anxiety levels.  

Surfskate brings together the best of three disciplines, Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding all in one!

We have a wide range of skateboards/Surfskates, ideal for your development in different disciplines.

Training with us you can count on:

  • Experienced coach/instructor

  • Transport for athletes (6 seats)

  • Ramps 

  • Classes for all ages

  • Minimum duration of 1.30 to 2 H

  • Equipment (we work on all types/models of Surfskate)


The purpose is to support parents in the difficult task of training young people. This program was developed to reinforce personal and school development, ensuring good times and results for students.

With this program you can count on all types of sport activities related to surfing and/or educational recreational activities,  among other services.

(Minimum 5 students)  (Discounts of up to 10% for families and friends of students)

  • Daily rate: €55*  (includes: Transport, activities and hot dish, soup, drink and fruit)

  • Weekly: €210*  (includes: Transport, activities and hot dish, drink and fruit)

  • Fortnight: €395* (includes: Transport, activity)


  • Takes place during school holidays (Caparica / Praia nova)

  • Includes meals (hot dish, drink and fruit)

  • Departure to be arranged at 9am, arrival at the departure location at 6pm -7pm   

  • Prices are per person

  • Surf / Bodyboard / Longboard and Sup Paddle Surf

  • Surf/Skate (carver) or Streetsurfing (wave)

  • Transport (Certified vehicles) 

  • Equipment included (for all modalities)    

  • Sports insurance included for the day(s) of the class(es)

  • Extras: €15/day * (certified door-to-door transport)


We help organize and implement surf and surfskate events.

It's a great opportunity to provide a healthy activity and develop and publicize this fantastic sport of ours (from a physical and mental point of view).

We create programs suited to your company or team.

We guarantee increased productivity and lots of fun and excitement!


The Lisbon / Caparica region is the perfect destination for an intense and complete trip and the only European capital with a beach and good waves 10 / 20 minutes from the city center. Due to its geographical location, Lisbon/Caparica has an excellent climate and perfect waves for all surfing levels throughout the year. Stay & surfing with our team is ideal for those who want to mix a surfing holiday and visit this unique surfing city.

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